Discounts for corporate clients

Using a corporate bonus card you can accrue points from the amount of orders and use the accrued points to pay corporate bills in the Collection of Restaurant.

How to become a card holder

1. Fill in a questionnaire for participation in the Programme “Corporate client” with indication of the number of people not less than 15.

2. You will get a bonus card within 30 working days. количества

How to accumulate bonus points

You will get 5 points on your corporate card for each 100 tenge spent in the restaurant.

While closing the bill you have to submit your bonus card to the waiter for registration in the system and accrual of bonus points on your corporate account. After closing your bill the receipt must have card No, company name printed on it.

Bonus points become active on the next day after being transferred to your personal account.

ATTENTION! One corporate account which can be used in each of the restaurants Zheti Kazyna, Caramel and QI is created for you.


How to use bonus points

While closing the bill you should present your bonus card to the waiter and inform about your intention to pay the bill using your bonus points and tell the amount which you want to withdraw from your bonus account.

You can pay the whole bill using bonus points or a part of it.

The amount of the lump sum cannot exceed 100,000 tenge. In case of partial payment of the bill the remaining part of the order may be paid by cash or by a bank card. In case a part of the bill is paid using bonus points, and another part is paid by cash, bonus points will be accrued only in relation to the amount which was paid using money (cash or non-cash).

ATTENTION! The bonus is not applied to the amount paid using points.

Check the balance

Present your card to the waiter or administrator and ask to print out the balance on your corporate card.

Terms of participation

1. Картой можно воспользоваться только при количестве гостей более 15 человек.

2. На корпоративных мероприятиях именные карты не действительны.

3. Администрация Собрания ресторанов оставляет за собой право исключить любого участника (при этом блокируется счет клиента и отменяются все набранные баллы) в случае нарушения правил и условий пользования картой. Администрация оставляет за собой право отказать в выдаче корпоративной карты по своему усмотрению без объяснения причин.


The administration of the Collection of Restaurants reserves the right to cancel or change the whole bonus programme or its part at any time both with and without prior notification. The administration is not responsible for any losses or expenses incurred in the result of such changes.

5. Держатель корпоративной карты несет ответственность за своевременное извещение Администрации Собрания ресторанов об изменениях адреса, телефона и прочих данных.

6. Держателям корпоративной карты рекомендуется следить за начислением баллов на корпоративную карту.

7. Начисление бонусных баллов происходит только при наличии корпоративной карты. Для накопления баллов карта должна быть своевременно предъявлена при оплате счета.


In case a visitor has questions concerning currently accrued points the administration reserves the right to answer them within 30 days. Information is confidential.


9.Accrued points may not be transferred into cash.

10.While paying the bill in the restaurant using bonus points accrual takes place in the real time mode.

11. Держатель корпоративной карты может иметь только один бонусный счет и одну корпоративную карту. При обнаружении второй корпоративной карты, начисленные на нее баллы будут аннулированы, и карта удалена без предварительного уведомления. Баллы, накопленные на одном счете, не могут быть переведены на другой счет.

12. Корпоративная карта, не используемая в течение 12 месяцев аннулируется.

13. Корпоративная карта является собственностью Администрации ресторана и должна быть возвращена по первому требованию.

14. Do not keep your bonus card together with objects which have a magnet (mobile phones, magnet studs and charms, etc.), as the card will demagnetize, and you will not be able to get bonus points when paying your bills.

15.In case a visitor loses his/her bonus card he/she should immediately inform about it by telephone (727) 273-43-98 or by e-mail: . The administration is not responsible for safety of points in the lost card.

16. Expenses connected with retrieval of the lost card shall be borne by the bonus card holder.