“Zheti Kazyna” national restaurant

To eat tasty food is one of the most pleasant and favorite pleasures which very few people can prohibit to themselves.

Sometimes it is very difficult to stop enjoying tasty food, and if this feast takes place in Zheti Kazyna restaurant, and is abundant with dishes of the Kazakh and Asian quisines, then the common saying “The stomach is full, but the eyes are hungry” can be  easily put into the T-shirt and enjoy food with closed eyes.

After all, what can be more delicious than flavory pilaf with appetizing big pieces of meat, or aromatic lagman with fried Xinjiang gravy, and there is no need to say something about juicy pieces of the Caucasian barbeque with tandoor flat bread or beshbarmak which is famous in the whole city...   

“Zheti Kazyna” is a quite big and spacious hall in which you will recognize without any difficulty parts of the Uighur, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Chinese and Kazakh traditional national decorations and specific interior design features.  Even at the entrance you will touch the deep philosophy of the Orient:  here you will see a growing pomegranate tree – the symbol of wealth, passion and fertility.


It is interesting: There is an ancient legend which says that every real Kazakh nomad had seven treasures- “Zheti Kazyna” – courage of the real horseman, a beautiful wife, a wing-footed horse, a hunting eagle, a faithful dog, a good weapon, and a hearth for cooking food. The owner of these treasures was considered to be the happiest, luckiest and richest person.

Our cooks have mastered the skills of cooking oriental dishes that have complex recipes, are prepared by hand and require years of experience. It is impossible not to note dishes cooked on an open fire: they have a pleasant aroma, and taste.

A tea party is not just quenching thirst, but a ceremony, allowing to come into harmony with ourselves and the world.  In some historical books about traditions of tea parties one can find up to 350 various intricacies of this ceremony.  Therefore, you need to visit our tea-house, which is arranged in a quite unusual way: every guest can observe how the tea house cook is preparing this divine drink favorite in the East. It's no wonder they say: Tea is a huge world, placed in a small cup. 

From ancient times, the most distinctive feature of the Kazakh people was hospitality.
A dear guest was warmly greeted, offered the seat of honor and treated with the best food.

The VIP lounge “Golden yurt” for 20 persons is presented in all its beauty and decorated with works of masters, all the decorations including Kazakh home ware, clothing, weapons are made by hand in the national style. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the interior decorations and the specific oriental coziness, and what is most important, by the variety of national food and drinks.

The oriental world is full of mysteries and riddles, and the kitchen is a part of the culture which was developed century by century. In the restaurant “Zheti Kazyna”, you will discover for yourself features and details of the oriental cooking and a unique pleasure.