Philosophy of the Collection of Restaurants

It is sometimes very difficult to find the necessary direction in our city in the maze of green streets, among beautiful architectural ensembles and new buildings. How not to mistake a cozy restaurant which Almaty abounds with. All the best turned out to be very close.

Having combined  in a single place the vision of the Kazakh people about  welfare and happiness, oriental hospitality, openness and good nature of Asian people, romanticism and European sophistication, Japanese exotic and minimalism - we have created a symphony of the rare style and sophisticated design – a network of restaurants "Zheti Kazyna”, “Caramel” and "Qi".


We invite you to enjoy dishes from the Kazakh, Russian, Japanese, European, and Asian cuisine. Peculiarities of each of them are taken into account by our professional chefs.

We respect the traditional methods of cooking of every nation: whether it is an appetizing “naryn in the Uzbek way”, the culinary miracle called “the Beijing duck”, “crispy yulim-tsi chicken” or the Italian masterpiece – cannelloni made of caramel with raspberry. And, of course, we pay special attention to the products which are distinguished by their exclusive freshness. Besides, we invite you to taste dishes cooked from such rare products as tuna – toro, Japanese marble beef – kobe and live omars.

It is interesting:  Bluefin tuna fillet (toro) – it is the tenderest, marble part of the Bluefin tuna being caught in Japan. It is difficult to find something more delicate and perfect! The high price is explained by the fact that the Japanese Bluefin tuna becomes a rare species, and its population reduces year by year.


The record price per one fish was established in 2013  a 222-kilogram tuna was sold at the price of US$ 1,800.00.


It is interesting: It should not go unmentioned that the technology of the Kobe province is carefully thought-of: bull-calves are grazed in the cleanest meadows, fed with the selected fodder, given spring water, beer and vibromassage every day. For bull-calves not to get too tired, they are hung in specialized cradles, and the whole process is accompanied by continuous classic music.  In the result such meat gets a beautiful intricate marble pattern made of streaks.


Visiting the collection of restaurants “Zheti Kazyna”, “Caramel” and “Qi” you will try tasty dishes at quite democratic prices and spend unforgettable time giving yourself to the wonderful atmosphere where there are no earthly concerns, and the time loses its power.


Get a bonus card, and when we have something rare and tasty we will inform you by all means!